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Check Your Grammar: Checkout versus Check Out

Nov 29, 2017

Have you ever been stuck at the supermarket checkout? Have you tried to check out of a hotel by yourself? Have you ever been confused whether to use checkout or check out when writing the word or phrase down? If your answer to the final question is yes, then check this article out. Before we go...
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Grammar Chaos: Flipping to the B-Side—Beside versus Besides

Nov 22, 2017

Besides homonyms, which words get interchanged a lot? Words with common spellings. If you’ve accidentally used besides when you should have used just beside, then maybe you should read on. The confusion with the usage of beside and besides mostly stems from the fact that both of them are prep...
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Grammar Chaos: In Titled and Entitled, We Trust

Nov 15, 2017

How do you know when to use titled or entitled in a sentence? Read our quick guide below, and it will soon make perfect sense! When it comes to giving titles to things and even people, the possibilities are endless. While authors title their books however they wish, professionals are titled acco...
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