5 Ways to Appreciate Your Workers from Home

Posted on Mar 05, 2021

Out of the 365 days in a year (sometimes 366), how many times do we take a conscious step back to appreciate the employees in our companies?

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated by companies across the United States and in Canada every first Friday of March. This has been done since 1995 when it was established by Bob Nelson of Recognition Professionals International.

Employee Appreciation Day

There are plenty of ways to show appreciation to employees: paid vacations, team lunches, bonuses, perks, increased salary, etc. However, a lot of these might be inaccessible, considering the challenges that the workplace is facing today. Here are five ways to appreciate your employees while they work from home.

  1. Send Themed Care Packages

  2. Send Themed Care Packages
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    Online shopping has become such a staple in this new normal. Who doesn’t like receiving packages in the mail? Surprise your team members with care packages fit for their personality and needs. Other than drinks and snacks, you can stuff them with home spa essentials, gift certificates, a company hoodie, or items tailored to the personality of the recipient. Add in a handwritten note for that personalized touch to let your employees know that someone is thinking about them.

  3. Offer Fun and Relaxing Activities

  4. Offer Fun and Relaxing Activities
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    It’s important for your employees to not feel like they’re at work 24/7 when they’re working at home. Consider offering activities that can help other aspects of their life, such as their mental health, social life, fitness, and general well-being. Give them an option to do this with their coworkers or on their own because while team building is great, allowing them time off the working atmosphere is also important.

  5. Have a Zoom Team Lunch

  6. Have a Zoom Team Lunch
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    The goal of team lunches has always been to foster camaraderie among team members. Just because you can’t eat together physically doesn’t mean you can’t share a meal and just talk. Offer to have lunch delivered to your coworkers for you all to eat together while catching up. With most meetings happening over online calls, it’s important to not associate video calls with just work. Having a video call just to chat is a nice way to break the norm.

  7. Keep Communication Lines Open

  8. Keep Communication Lines Open
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    Since there are no more doors to worry about, consider an open chatbox policy with your employees. Make it a point to let your employees know they can approach you when they have any issues or if they wish to simply talk to their superior. It’s also imperative to private message your employees to ask them how they’re doing since not everyone is willing to open up in a group chat.

  9. Lighten the Load

  10. Lighten the Load
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    At the end of the day, this is something that everyone wants. No matter how hard you try to make them feel appreciated, they won’t feel better if they have too much work. Check on your employees every now and then and ask them if they feel comfortable with their workload.

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