Blogging Bug: Building Up Your Blog-Reader Base

Posted on Apr 16, 2019

So you’ve created your blog and reeled in some interested readers, now what? Check out these helpful pointers to maintain your reader base and keep them interested in your content!

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Any seasoned blogger—or any online user, for that matter—would notice that the efficiency of the Internet keeps people either incredibly interested in something . . . or incredibly bored just as fast. Content creators in several social media platforms often come up with ways to keep their readers, viewers, and listeners hooked on to their blogs, video channels, portfolios, and so on. We’re here to offer some tips on how to not only help your reader base grow but also keep your blog fresh and attractive.

  1. Make Your Blog Easy to Read

    If you’re an articulate blogger with no word count limits, make sure to maintain your reader’s focus with several formats in your blog entries. No one wants to see a wall of text on their computer screen! Instead, put in some line breaks, bullet lists, polls, Q&A segments, and even unexpected eye candy like images and videos. Your reader will always look forward to something new with every update.

  2. Know Your Audience

    Unless you know who your blog is for, you’ll end up losing your creative direction. Research your target market and know what makes them stick—makeup tips for a fashion blog, smart critiques for a TV or movie review blog, easy projects for an arts-and-crafts blog, and so on. At first, readers will come and go after testing some waters, but once you’ve identified a solid reader base, you’ll definitely know where to go with your blog.

  3. Don’t “Ghost” Your Readers

    If there’s anything readers hate, it’s being “ghosted.” A blogger who tends to disappear and can’t maintain a sound relationship with his or her readers isn’t a very good one. It’s all right if it’s not your style to post a new entry every day or every week. It’s also fine to update your blog monthly rather than weekly! Just let your readers know. They’ll understand if you need a break or if you’re going on vacation for some time. Remember that behind every default profile picture or complicated username lies a person who needs communication to hang around a bit longer.

  4. Break the Fourth Wall

    A professional blogger will always be open to readers’ criticisms. If your blog platform has a comments section, take advantage of it. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and make posts that are even more engaging and interactive with your audience to know what they’d like to see. These could be polls, open forums, giveaway contests, even live video feeds. Your faithful readers will definitely jump on the opportunity to say what’s on their minds.

  5. Blog for Yourself Too

    What makes an attractive blog personality? It isn’t only the flashiness of a person’s blog or how much they pander to their readers or even how often they post—readers can see through all that. But what they can also see is how truly dedicated and passionate a blogger is about their interest, and that’s what keeps them from leaving. If you focus less on casting that net in open waters and focus more on what makes your blog truly yours, on what you wish to make known to the online world, you’ll definitely be able to hit two birds with one stone: a blog you love and readers who will love it with you.

Now that you’ve covered all the reader-base basics, you’re ready to address your audience and blog with a new purpose. Remember to keep your interactions civil and report any unwelcome trolls. And lastly, keep showing the online world what you love doing the most. Happy blogging!

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