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Posted on Jul 24, 2016

Typos are associated with lack of credibility for most people, which is why proofreading is essential for any organization or business.

Typos can range from hilarious to downright costly. But even the funny ones can also cost a hefty amount, especially for businesses and organizations. Simple misspellings can already affect credibility.

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Charles Duncombe, an online entrepreneur, told the BBC that spelling mistakes can cut sales in half. Particularly for online retailers, Duncombe explains, 90 percent of transactions online rely on the written word. Businesses have to ensure the content in their sites are error-free to retain their credibility as people are concerned with potential scams and phishing when they shop online. A website with prominent typos, no matter how simple they are, can give customers a sloppy impression that indicates poor security.

It’s not just sales that are lost with typos; the reputation of brands can be affected as well. Typos can eat up an agency’s fees with the costs associated in correcting them. When Mitt Romney ran a presidential campaign in 2012, one of the strategies of his campaign team was to release an app that allowed users to customize their photos with Mitt Romney–inspired frames. However, his app misspelled “America” to “Amercia” instead. While it was funny, it did not boost his credibility as a candidate and negatively affected his campaign.

And credibility can be completely eroded by a single misspelled letter. In 2009, the Companies House, a government agency that registers all UK companies, recorded that Taylor & Sons, Ltd., a 124-year-old engineering firm, had already shut down and was already in liquidation. The problem was that the company was very much active back then, with 250 employees in existence. Clients canceled their contracts within a span of a few days.

The Companies House mixed up Taylor & Sons, Ltd. with Taylor and Sons, Ltd., the latter having actually closed down already. While the agency corrected their error after three days, the information was already distributed to credit reference agencies. The typo eventually forced the company to shut down. The former managing director and co-owner of the company, Philip Davison-Sebry, filed a case against the Companies House. In 2015, the justice ruled to their favor.

Organizations and businesses not only have to ensure credibility in all forms of communication but to also build and protect their brand. A misspelling in any official document can already be a decisive factor in an important negotiation. Sometimes a simple gaffe no matter how funny can damage a brand that has been built years in the making.

Startups like 1-Hour Proofreading allow businesses and organizations to have more options in proofreading and copyediting services. 1-Hour Proofreading is headed by a team of professional editors. They have the experience in proofreading and copyediting for organizations, businesses, and firms. In addition, they are constantly trained to be up to date with best practices in the industry.

Documents are rated per word, and there is a free sample to get a glimpse of the quality of their work. A volume discount can also be availed for bulk orders. Turnaround time can also depend on the needs of the client. Documents can be proofread immediately in just an hour, which is useful for those with tight deadlines.

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