Grammar Chaos: Grammar Adversary—Is It Advice or Is It Advise?

Posted on Jun 14, 2017


If you still don’t know the difference between advise and advice, then we advise you to read on.

Advice and Advise

When writing, there’s a high likelihood that you will swap advice and advise because their spellings are very alike. It’s a different situation when you’re speaking it, mainly because the two words are pronounced differently. This is your key to knowing the difference.


Advice, spelled with a c, is a noun. The word is pronounced /ədˈvīs/ and means “something which is a suggestion or recommendation.” Below are some examples.

  1. Billie will be taking over the advice column in the magazine starting next month.

  2. I’m asking for financial advice because I am terrible with money.

  3. Heather listened to Charlie’s advice and was able to deal with the issue properly.


On the other hand, advise, spelled with an s, is a verb. The word is pronounced /ədˈvīz/ and means “the act of giving advice.” Here are some examples.

  1. I advise you to listen carefully to the instructions.

  2. Lara was advised by her doctor to avoid caffeine.

  3. The lawyer advised Kenny to deal with the lawsuit immediately.


Aside from confusing the two, many people make the mistake of creating unnecessary forms. For example, advice is an uncountable noun. Therefore, neither advices nor adviced are grammatically correct. Instead, “pieces of advice” should be used. Advise, being a verb, can be made past tense, advised.


Still confused? Here’s our last tip: advice is something you give or take, and advise is something you do. Got it? Excellent.


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