Grammar Chaos: Unnecessary Ex-“as per”-ation

Posted on May 03, 2017


Although language evolves, sometimes it devolves. This means we tend to go back into the past and bring back something that is ancient or has long been defunct.

Rules of Grammar

Notice how many “formal” emails contain the phrase as per. I'm sure you’ve seen the following phrases before:


   “As per our agreement...”

   “As per the transaction...”


Sometimes if as per is not used, per is in its place instead.


While this is not inherently incorrect, the term is antique. In usage, as per is used in place of “according to.” In the Oxford Dictionary, per has three meanings, the closest of which is “by means of.” According to the dictionary, this is its archaic meaning.


Using per and as per doesn’t make your writing incorrect. Many call as per an overcorrection, an attempt at trying to be formal, but in reality, it does nothing.


Some say that as per removes responsibility from the sender. For example, if you say that “I edited this section of the letter as per your request,” it can be read like “You asked me to edit this part, so if this is wrong, it’s not my mistake.”


Others claim that as per is incorrect and redundant. Should you use it, per is already enough. Better yet, opt for something simpler like “according to” or “as indicated.”


Our advice? The use of as per is a preference. But use it sparingly.




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