Once Upon a Time: Everything Changes—Recap & Review

Posted on Oct 01, 2017

When Once upon a Time aired its sixth season finale last May, one thing was for sure: everything is about to change, and no one knows whether it’s for the better or worse. Now that season 7 is upon us, let’s talk about the events leading up to the latest chapter of the popular series.

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Warning: The main purpose of this post is to serve as a guide while watching the series or to spark interest into watching the series, so yes, there will be spoilers. Lots of them.

On our last recap, we talked about the first half of season 6. A prophecy was revealed: the death of the Savior, Emma Swan. This set the dark tone for the entire season. Regina learned that there could only be one way to get rid of the Evil Queen once and for all, that is, to kill herself. Belle gives birth to a son, Gideon, who is revealed to be destined to kill the Savior.

Death to the Savior

In Storybrooke, Gideon explains to his parents that he wants to kill Emma to have the powers to kill the Black Fairy. Emma and Gideon engage in battle for the first time, but both survive. Gideon retreats but promises to return to finish the task. Despite being separated, Gold and Belle agree to work together to get their son back. Also, David and Mary Margaret are placed under a spell where only one of them is awake at any given time.

Gideon and Emma's Battle

In a flashback involving his other son, Baelfire, Gold recognizes there is a pattern emerging in Gideon. The memory gives Gold an idea that might help. Unfortunately, the potion doesn’t work this time.

Regina and the Evil Queen face off for a final confrontation. In that moment, she is reminded of when she was the Evil Queen and how much self-loathing she had. Instead of defeating her enemy, Regina pulls out both the Queen’s heart and her own, evenly splitting the darkness between the two of them. Hook decides to go on a getaway after a fight with Emma and boards the Nautilus with Captain Nemo. Unfortunately, Gideon hijacks the ship and sends it to the Enchanted Forest.

Meanwhile, Aladdin and Jasmine are rescued by Captain Nemo and the crew, but they were still unable to locate Agrabah. They travel to the island where Jafar is located and find Ariel. Jasmine manages to make Jafar reveal the location of Agrabah before defeating him. Through true love’s kiss, Aladdin and Jasmine restore Agrabah and break Aladdin’s genie curse. Ariel gives Hook a way to communicate with Emma.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Back in Storybrooke, Regina and Snow resort to going on a girls’ night out to cheer up Emma. Gold also reveals that the Black Fairy is his mother. Emma agrees to help Gideon after he threatened Hook’s life, but he double-crosses her. Instead, he opens a portal through which the Black Fairy enters Storybrooke. In flashbacks, it is revealed that the Black Fairy abused Gideon as a child and that she ripped out his heart and is controlling him through it.

Regina observes that something is happening to Henry’s author powers, so they seek help from the previous author, Isaac. He reveals that they are nearing the end of the story where Emma must fight the final battle. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Hook finally finds a way back to Storybrooke but, thanks to Gideon’s interventions, winds up in Neverland instead. There, he ends up on the run from the Lost Boys. While in Neverland, Hook meets Tiger Lily, who gives him a piece of an ancient wand that would help in defeating the Black Fairy. Emma manages to open a doorway to Neverland, rescuing Hook who proposes again to her.

After her resolution with the Evil Queen, Regina turns her attention to waking both David and Mary Margaret up and realizes that the only way to do that is to transfer the Sleeping Curse. She and Emma gather the townspeople who, out of love for the couple, take small amounts of the curse. With this, the curse is finally broken.

A series of flashbacks reveals more on the relationship of the Black Fairy and Rumpelstiltskin. The Black Fairy, who used to be called Fiona, was told by the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily that Rumple was born to be the Savior. Fiona feared for her son’s life and chose power to stop Rumple from becoming the Savior. This resulted into her becoming the Black Fairy.

Rumpelstiltskin kills Black Fairy

Back in Storybrooke, Gideon and Emma search for Gideon’s heart in the Dream Realm. In the same realm, Gold confronts Fiona who tells him the real reason she abandoned him. Gold manages to retrieve Gideon’s heart and tells everyone that the Black Fairy is dead. However, Gold and Fiona had already made a deal that will continue the Final Battle.

On Hook and Emma’s wedding day, Fiona places a curse on Storybrooke, which returned everything to the way it was before Emma became the Savior: everyone is back to their respective realms, Fiona takes Regina’s place, and Emma is in a mental institution with only Henry and Gold retaining their memories.

This is the Final Battle: Emma against her own belief of the story. If Emma continues to not believe in the stories, the Enchanted Forest, all its realms, and all its habitants will be destroyed forever.

Henry tries and fails several times to make Emma believe in the stories, only managing to make her believe again just in time to save everyone in the castle. Gold then manages to kill Fiona and set Belle free. The realms are saved, their memories are restored, and everyone is finally reunited in Storybrooke.

Unfortunately, Gideon still has to kill Emma. As the Savior, Emma sacrifices herself, choosing to be good. Gideon impales Emma, releasing her light magic and ending the battle. The book reveals that with both Saviors having chosen the good side, the battle is won.

A New Chapter

After the Final Battle, Gideon returns to infancy, giving Belle and Gold a second chance to raise their son. This reversal of time also revived those who died during the whole crisis. Everyone lives happily ever after as one big family in Storybrooke.

But the story isn’t over yet.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, a girl named Lucy is defended from unknown entities by her father, who disappears later on. Guided by Tiger Lily into the Land without Magic, Lucy travels to Seattle and finds adult Henry Mills, whom she claims to be her father. However, Henry does not remember who she is.

Lucy at http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/once-upon-a-time/news/a829282/once-upon-a-time-shuts-down-narnia-lucy-season-7-theory/

Everything Changes

Multiple reports have confirmed that most of the series’ original cast won’t be returning to the show and that those who have stayed on will only be recurring characters to the new chapter. This is sad for everyone who’s been a fan of the show since the beginning, but it is also exciting since we have no idea where the show will go from here.

Now that Once upon a Time has ended its Savior narrative, what could be next? Could Henry be another Savior just like his mother? Or will he play a different role in the next chapter, considering that he used to be the Author? Who is Lucy, and why was she in the Enchanted Forest all this time? What does Tiger Lily know about everything?

Well, we don’t have to wait long. Once upon a Time Season 7 will finally be premiering on October 6 on ABC.

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