Patrick Nathan: Hitting the Shelves

Posted on Jul 05, 2018

A novelist, an essayist, and an editor, Patrick Nathan is definitely one of the writers whom you should look forward to this 2018. With various works that have appeared in magazines and online and print publications, Patrick Nathan is set to debut his first novel, entitled Some Hell.

Some Hell Cover

Patrick Nathan is a passionate writer who lives in Minneapolis, and just like most writers out there, he names writing as his only way of living and thus can’t live without it. He has written a lot of essays, reviews, and short fiction for a variety of publications, such as Gulf Coast, Boulevard, Real Life, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Back in 2012, his short story “To Francine Mavencamp of Tallahassee, FL” was named as the winner of Boulevard’s 2012 Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers.

This 2018, he will be facing the world as a writer of a heart-wrenching coming-of-age novel. Coming-of-age novels are not entirely new in the literature world, but you can never go wrong once you choose to read them. These novels break your heart, make you cry, and make you feel something, and these are exactly the things that you should anticipate with Patrick Nathan’s Some Hell.

Some Hell is a story about a gay teen burdened with guilt and confusion. Colin, a thirteen-year-old child in middle school, is trying to deal with the aftermath of his father’s suicide. He has a teenage sister who taunts him harshly, an autistic brother who is out of his control, a mother who is under therapy, and a homophobic best friend who hates him for being himself. Everything in his life seems to be falling apart, and the more he tries to cling to every shred of normal life, the more that his life seems to stray far from what is considered normal.

Critics have described Patrick Nathan’s first novel as a beautifully written young-adult fiction that touches on relevant topics, such as suicide, homosexuality, parenting, friendship, and psychology, which are no strangers to teenagers today. Prior to its release, Some Hell has been described as an enthralling and remarkable read that is sure to evoke a strong emotional attachment to its readers.

Nathan is backed by an impressive background in the field of literary writing, and readers can surely expect a lot from him this year as his work finally makes it to the shelves. Don’t miss out on the publication release of Some Hell on February 20, 2018, and apart from that, you can also look forward to more books from Patrick Nathan, which are set for release in the future.

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