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Posted on Mar 05, 2019

Blogging seems like an easy-enough job—just pound away on your keyboard about a subject you’re deeply passionate about and then send it out to the world (wide web) and watch as the clicks pour in. But your blog can’t be a viral success if people only like what you write about. They also have to like how you write it.

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Your topics—whether they are complex fan theories about Game of Thrones or the struggles and adventures of your life as an exchange student in a foreign country—are the catnip that draws like-minded people to your blog. But these people won’t come back if your otherwise interesting content is laden with distracting grammatical mistakes.

You can have the most amazing stories, the most insightful film analyses, the most researched articles, but that won’t be enough to make people stay when all that registers with them is the way you misused effect for affect or how your punctuation marks slip into spaces where they shouldn’t be and are absent from places where they should be or how you totally butchered the spelling of Quvenzhané Wallis.

Proofreading is the most basic type of editing there is, but it’s also the most essential. Ignoring this step might signal to your readers that you don’t care about the quality of your blog enough. Why would anyone keep reading a blog where quality is not of importance? That would be a waste of their time.


People aren’t looking for the next David Foster Wallace when they seek out blogs. Your writing voice is unique to you, so don’t worry about that. But on the question of quality, the bare minimum that you can offer as a writer is the assurance that yes, you’ve cleaned up your article and thoroughly read it through at least thrice because you care about your readership and want to give them only the best writing that you can provide.

But maybe your problem is that you’re just bursting with ideas and only want to write and write and write, and you feel that proofreading will only impede your creative juices. Or maybe you’re a busy bee, tied to a day job, only free to blog at night, leaving you no time for editing. Or maybe you just haven’t mastered the English language yet, and you don’t feel confident about proofreading your work by yourself.

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Well, sadly, none of that is an excuse. Your readers won’t know about your situation. They just know what they see on their screens—and what they will see are your careless mistakes.

So what do you do? Maybe you can get a kind friend to proofread for you and pay them back by treating them to lunch. Or you can try to join a writing club and get your pieces workshopped by your peers. Better yet, if you’re fully committed to becoming an influential blogger and are willing to really invest in it, get a professional to proofread for you.

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Some professional editing services also have an expert grasp on how to make web content viral through the use of SEO (search engine optimization), so if you’re interested in expanding your blog in a bigger way, you might find that editing services are useful beyond just fixing your grammatical errors.

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If you want a quick proofreading job, head on over to 1-Hour Proofreading (, where they offer speedy and accurate editing services at reasonable prices.

Whatever it takes, always do what you can to give people the best reading experience possible and always remember that your blog’s content is only as good as your writing allows it to be.

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