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Posted on Sep 04, 2016


New Jersey, September 4, 2016—The academe is as rigid and unyielding as ever in upholding its standards. Both the student body and those holding higher positions as educators and academicians are continuously pushed to strive for scholarly greatness, both in the classroom and in mentally taxing endeavors such as writing academic papers.



Academic papers are written for scholars by scholars. Yes, even students fall under the “scholar” category since they are, for all intents and purposes, working toward intellectual development. As such, academic papers must be reflective of that intellect; they should present informed arguments, well founded on logic and reason. They should be critical of the conventions and expectations found in the educational institution—great ideas are not readily accepted, and maxims often stated as truths are questioned and doubted. Pieces of evidence are given prime importance, and source materials must be presented systematically. Moreover, since intellectual property rights are taken very seriously, plagiarism is regarded as a crime of the highest degree and is not tolerated.


Additionally, academic papers must be free of errors and must adhere to the rules of grammar. It is a given requirement, but sadly, many still fall short in this facet. Most overlook errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and word usage. The presence of these errors, though seemingly basic, taints the quality of the work, making it seem less than what it should have been.


However, with proofreading services provider 1-Hour Proofreading (, academics need not worry too much about these errors; 1-Hour Proofreading offers to check their work—be those theses, essays, research proposals and abstracts, research reports, dissertations, college or university applications, résumés and cover letters, presentations, professors’ lesson plans, learning guides, exams, academic manuals, and other academic papers—correct apparent mistakes, and ensure that they submit their work in the best quality they can achieve.


Deadlines are not a problem either. The 1-Hour Proofreading team—composed of professional editors and proofreaders with years of experience under their belts—prides itself in fast, reliable, and competent service. Promptness and efficiency are guaranteed; quality of the work and timeliness of delivery are valued in equal measure, and one document is not compromised for the sake of another.


There will be a huge discount of up to 20 percent for students and education professionals who submit documents of three thousand words and up. They can also get an additional 5 percent discount if they agree to write testimonials regarding their experience with the proofreading services they availed, which will be posted on 1-Hour Proofreading’s website. Another 5 percent will be deducted if they promote 1-Hour Proofreading by mentioning it on their Facebook tags. Those who are interested in this deal should be registered users and should have already created their first order on the website.



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1-Hour Proofreading is a growing start-up offering fast and efficient editing services at a reasonable price with the assurance that the document is publication-ready the soonest you need it. Its team of highly competent professional editors is committed to helping those in need of quality editing services while facing tough deadlines.


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