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Posted on Oct 15, 2016


For publishers, a simple typo can range from harmless to major damage, which is why proofreading and copyediting always have to be thorough and consistent.

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In publishing, there is always the question of quantity versus quality. Given the advent of digital publishing, which has made it easier for books to be published than before, the demand for titles to be printed in a year outweighs the capacity of most publishers to ensure a thorough editing process for all the manuscripts they’ve received.


Grammar errors and inconsistencies in published books abound, even in literary classics. Some of them are even considered as valuable for collectors. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck had a particular typo that was not corrected until three printings later. The first three editions command a high price in the market as a result.


But not all typos are a laughing matter. In 2010, Penguin Group Australia published The Pasta Bible, which had a recipe for tagliatelle with prosciutto and sardines. One of the ingredients was salt with freshly ground black pepper. The initial print contained “salt with freshly ground black people” instead. The mistake resulted in seven thousand books being recalled and an apology from the publisher.

the pasta bible

There are many factors at work that have changed the face of contemporary publishing. Most of these have resulted in staffing and budgeting constraints for editing. In the past, there are entire departments of proofreaders and copywriters. Texts did not just undergo several rounds of revision, but they were also edited in stages.


In recent times, it’s now common to have only one editor responsible for a whole imprint. Many steps are removed in the editing process as well to keep up with the demand of publishing more books at a faster pace. The focus has now shifted in providing an efficient supply to retailers, which results to publishing fewer book titles but in massive quantities.


Manuscript submissions have also changed along with the times. Word processors have enabled authors to submit longer manuscripts with a lesser degree of scrutiny in making sure the writing is clean before submitting to their editor. Well-known authors can also be pressured to release their next book, which can result to manuscripts that have not been thoroughly proofread and copyedited.


The last thing that anyone wants to happen is missing critical typos after the work has already been published and distributed. While no printed work can ever be 100 percent perfect, publishers strive to edit it to the best that they can. A simple typo can be more than just a harmless, silly mistake and can be a major flaw that can cause severe damage to the reputation of everyone involved in its publication.


The current landscape in publishing has given rise for publishers to outsource some of their editorial work, which is an affordable option that allows them to meet the demand. With outsourcing, publishers can immediately address manuscripts that need quick proofreading and copyediting. It is a cost-effective alternative than hiring additional staff and ensures fast turnaround time.


Start-up brands like 1-Hour Proofreading offer more options for publishers to meet the demand at a competitive service. 1-Hour Proofreading is composed of professional editors who are given consistent training to ensure they are always updated with the best practices in the industry. Turnaround time is faster but without sacrificing quality.


The start-up aims to strike a balance between quality and quantity. To check the quality of their work, publishers can avail of a free three-page sample for every thirty-page document.


1-Hour Proofreading offers competitive pricing as well. Discounts can be availed for bulk orders. The team is trained to proofread and copyedit by volume. Despite being a start-up, 1-Hour Proofreading's team of professional editors has more than a decade of experience in editing.


They have worked with publishers in the United States, Japan, and the Philippines and also for publishing resellers in the UK, the US, Australia, and Korea. Over the last ten years, the team has edited more than ten million words. If interested, publishers can avail of a free three-page sample (for every thirty-page document) to check the quality of their service.



Do you have any questions? The 1-Hour Proofreading team will be happy to answer them.


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