The Racy Raconteur: Abigail Barnette

Posted on Jul 12, 2018

Blogging by day and writing erotic fiction by night, Abigail Barnette puts any reader on the edge of their seat (or bedside) with her steamy and sensational romance novels.

Abigail Barnette

Abigail Barnette is the pen name of Jennifer Armintrout, who was born in 1980 in Michigan to a large Catholic family, which would later contribute to her prolific erotic fantasy writing. She is a Huffington Post blogger who has been featured on such television, radio, and streaming shows as Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, HuffPost Live, and National Public Radio.

When she isn’t blogging, Armintrout writes erotic romance and has received recognition for a couple of her romance series. As Jennifer Armintrout, she wrote the Blood Ties series, an erotic urban fantasy series consisting of The Turning, Possession, Ashes to Ashes, and All Souls’ Night. The series has been published in five countries, and the first book would later make it to USA Today’s top 150 books list. Her other urban fantasy works include the Lightworld/Darkworld series—Queene of Light, Child of Darkness, and Veil of Shadows—and American Vampire, which was dubbed by Booklist Magazine Online as one of the top 10 horror novels of 2011.

American Vampire

Armintrout would later take on the pseudonym Abigail Barnette before penning her latest work, the internationally acclaimed modern romance series The Boss, which consists of The Boss, The Girlfriend, The Bride, The Ex, The Baby, and The Sister, the last book published in 2017. The Boss series narrates the romantic and erotic sub/dom relationship between fashion magazine writer Sophie Scaife and billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood as they struggle to balance their respective lives both in the office and beneath the sheets.

The Boss Cover

Armintrout remarks, “The Boss series started out as a serial on a blog. I wanted to give readers who were disappointed by the antifeminist themes of 50 Shades of Grey something to make them happy. Then it ended up becoming a series and taking off in a way I didn’t expect.” This isn’t the first time Armintrout has voiced her stand against offensive themes in romance fiction; in 2015, she led an online campaign against Fionna Free Man’s Thomas Jefferson’s Mistress, a vampire fantasy retelling of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings’s affair, claiming that the novel advocated rape and racism.

The Boss Series

Jennifer Armintrout currently resides in Michigan with her two children and husband, who is, according to her blog, “the only person alive capable of spending extended periods of time with her without wanting to kill her.”


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