Tom Clancy: A Master of Spy Fiction

Posted on Sep 14, 2017

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” — Tom Clancy

Fans of spy novels and military fiction are sure to be familiar with the name Tom Clancy. A prolific author of the genre, Clancy established himself as both a great writer and a passionate fan of naval history.

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Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Clancy attended a private Catholic high school and then studied English literature at Loyola College (now Loyola University), where he graduated in 1969.

Clancy joined a small insurance agency in 1973 and purchased it later in 1980. He worked at the agency and wrote novels in his spare time. In 1984, he published his debut novel, The Hunt for Red October. The novel received praise from then U.S. president Ronald Reagan, boosting the sales of the book.

The Hunt for Red October Book Cover

The Hunt for Red October introduces Clancy’s most popular character, Jack Ryan. Ryan is a CIA analyst who assists a Soviet naval captain as he leaves his country and allies with the United States.

Clancy continued writing novels in the same vein with Patriot Games (1987), Clear and Present Danger (1989), and The Sum of All Fears (1991).

Patriot Games is a Jack Ryan story that takes place before The Hunt of Red October. In this book, Jack Ryan prevents an attack on the prince and princess of Wales by the Ulster Liberation Army (ULA), who then attack Ryan.

Patriot Games Book Cover

Clear and Present Danger is a story wherein the president launches a covert war against cocaine producers in Columbia with the help of the CIA. Unfortunately, an insider fails the mission. In this novel, Jack Ryan meets John Clark, and together, they lead a rescue mission for abandoned soldiers.

Clear and Present Danger Book Cover

In The Sum of All Fears, a nuclear weapon is found and used by Arab terrorists to attack the United States, almost sparking a war between the United States and the Soviet Union. To make matters worse, the new president is incompetent, and his mistress is against Jack Ryan.

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All these novels were adapted into feature films starring the likes of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Willem Dafoe, and Liev Schreiber. Clancy also penned two popular espionage series: NetForce (1999) and Op-Center (1995).

Other than fiction, Clancy also wrote nonfiction about the U.S. Armed Forces. He also branded books and video games with storylines and premises similar to his own works.

In 1992, Clancy received an honorary doctorate in humane letters from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was also awarded the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement from the Navy League of the United States in 1990.

Clancy passed away in October 2013 in a hospital in Maryland. His death was caused by an undisclosed disease.

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