Victoria Aveyard: The Real Queen of the Reds

Posted on Aug 24, 2017

Victoria Aveyard is the person behind the Red Queen series, and she has totally proven that she would make a great queen in the literary world.

Aveyard’s Red Queen gained the number-one spot on the New York Times YA Best Seller list on March 1, 2015, making her the first author to have a debut novel earn the top spot a week after its release.

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Born in Massachusetts, Aveyard is a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts screenwriting program at the University of Southern California. She is a huge fan of J. R. R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling, and George R. R. Martin, and she cites these authors as her biggest inspiration for writing.

A year after graduating from the University of Southern California, she wrote her first ever novel, Red Queen. Although armed with a variety of projects at that time, her desire to write a young-adult (YA) novel was further encouraged by a producer who was interested in one of her TV pilot ideas. It was a daring move for Aveyard to venture into the dystopian world for her debut novel, and while she was living with her parents in Massachusetts, she eagerly wrote Red Queen for a period of six months. Her manuscript received an enthusiastic response at the New Leaf Literary and Media, and it was soon evident that Red Queen would appeal to a broad range of readers.

Red Queen is a dystopian novel centered on a teen heroine living in a society where societal classes are divided by the color of their blood, which could be either red or silver. Silver-blooded people are referred to as Silvers in the entire series, while the red-blooded ones are referred as Reds.

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Silvers are the monarchs of the society, and they are born with supernatural powers that allow them to rule over the more numerous but powerless Reds. Mare Barrow, the protagonist, is a Red, but in a life-or-death situation, she discovers for the first time a supernatural ability that saves her life. This ability, which should not have been possible for a Red like her, threatens to destroy the balance of power among the Reds and Silvers and thus prompts the Silvers to disguise her as a long-lost Silver princess.

This, in turn, leaves Mare with two options: live a happy and luxurious life and become a puppet of the Silvers or risk her life by helping the resistance group called the Red Guard to bring down the corrupt Silver regime.

Red Queen established its success when Aveyard won the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Debut Goodreads Author. Following this great feat, Aveyard signed up for another two books that would follow the original trilogy of the Red Queen series. As of now, Aveyard has released the three books of the series, Red Queen, Glass Sword, and King’s Cage, accompanied by two additional novellas, Queen Song and Steel Scars. The fourth book in the series, War Storm, is set to be released in 2018, while the other book, still in talks, is set for 2019.

Red Queen Trilogy
Queen Song
Steel Scars

Fans of the series are also looking forward for Red Queen to hit the theaters as movie rights have been sold to Universal Pictures. Elizabeth Banks is said to be in talks to direct the movie, and Breaking Bad’s screenplay writer Gennifer Hutchison is reported to be the one who penned the script of the Red Queen movie.

At twenty-seven years old and at the peak of her career, Aveyard is definitely not slowing down. She continues to strive and become the kind of writer that she had always wanted to be. Through all her effort and hard work, Aveyard is certainly an author whom all kinds of readers can look forward to. With her great talent in penning a twisted but alluring world, there is no doubt that she can give her fans as great a book series as Red Queen in the future.

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