Writing Hacks: Where to Draw the Line—Analysis vs. Review

Posted on Jul 18, 2017

The two are pretty much two sides of the same coin.

Picture this: two professors send you two weeks’ worth of homework. One of them asks for analysis, and the other asks for a review. The problem is, you don’t know which one is which.

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Lucky for you then because we’re here with some tips on writing analyses and reviews. First tip: don’t submit the same thing. Analyses are pretty different from reviews. Second tip: read on to find out more.

Artistic works, such as books, films, plays, and music, are often good subjects for papers because there can be so much to write about. That’s what makes them a homework favorite. Both analyses and reviews discuss the work in great detail. However, the two forms have different aims.

Analysis papers examine themes and techniques of a work. A review, on the other hand, looks at the quality and effect of the work. Analyses are therefore more technical than reviews.

To help you further, here are some points to look into.

When creating an analysis, look at the characters and motivations. See how these apply to the theme of the genre. Look for the overall theme of the piece, and find out how they relate to the issues present in reality.

When creating a review, look for consistency or, inversely, lapses in consistency. Look at how the elements were presented. Explain if the piece was believable, and point out why it wasn’t. Critique the piece, but don’t just say that you liked or didn’t like it—explain.

Analyses and reviews can be pretty easy to mix up. Remember that when you analyze, you look outward into reality, and when you review, you look inward to your opinion.

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