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Forlorn but Not Forgotten: Richard Siken

Nov 29, 2018

Countless poets throughout the years have found inspiration in isolation, salvaging diction from desire and destruction. Similarly, Richard Siken writes to the tune of lost love and a hapless journey of self-identity through an unmitigated sea of strangers. Siken was born in 1967 in New York Ci...
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A Leap of Faith into Fantasy: Dana Fraedrich

Nov 22, 2018

Fantasy author Dana Fraedrich of the Broken Gears series tells us all about her latest published work, Raven’s Cry, as well as her experiences, challenges, and takeaway lessons as a novelist. Dana Fraedrich is no stranger to writing; she started writing as soon as she began reading, and she s...
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Judy Blume: Author and She-ro

Nov 15, 2018

As readers, it is such a great feat for us when we manage to find authors who create characters that stay with us until we grow up. However, what’s even more special is when we find authors who transcend fiction and become heroes themselves. Judy Blume is not only a bestselling author of childr...
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