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On Vlogging and Vanquishing Mental Illness: John Green

Nov 08, 2018

With intimate, inspiring stories that have captured today’s youth and shed light on various social issues—such as mental and physical illness, peer pressure, and LGBT—vlogger and author John Green has stood as a rising figure in American young adult fiction for over a decade. However, not m...
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Nora Ephron: The Silver Screen Angel

Nov 01, 2018

Nothing goes better with ice cream and a broken heart than a good old-fashioned romantic comedy. Romantic comedies or rom-coms have been around for a long time and have become a staple in any film fan’s movie collection. When it comes to rom-coms, no one does them better than Nora Ephron, a cri...
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The Postwar Playwright: Arthur Miller

Oct 25, 2018

In the wake of the early to mid-twentieth century, a period of postwar devastation and depression in the United States, Arthur Miller penned plays that scrutinized a troubled and self-reflecting American generation trying to pick up the pieces of historical change. In so doing, he redefined Ameri...
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