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Beatrix Potter: The Woman behind Peter Rabbit

Jun 28, 2018

As children, we grew up with many stories and many characters whom we considered friends. One of them includes Peter Rabbit, the creation of Beatrix Potter. This accidental author still manages to charm children all over the world today. Beatrix Potter was born into a wealthy family in West Bro...
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David Chariandy: Canadian Chronicler

Jun 21, 2018

The name David Chariandy may not sound familiar, but this multiawarded Canadian author and literature professor is set to make waves this 2018. Chariandy was a critical success with his first novel, Soucouyant. But now with Brother about to be published by British publishing powerhouse Bloomsbury...
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Ayn Rand: In Pursuit of Happiness

Jun 14, 2018

Writers wear many hats. They aren’t just writers; they’re also directors, educators, activists, and so much more. Ayn Rand, a Russian American author, has successfully made a name for herself, not only as a writer across various media, but also as an activist and philosopher pioneering the Ob...
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