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Tom Clancy: A Master of Spy Fiction

Sep 14, 2017

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” — Tom Clancy Fans of spy novels and military fiction are sure to be familiar with the name Tom Clancy. A prolific author of the genre, Clancy established himself as both a great writer and a passionate fan of naval hi...
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Tahereh Mafi: Fantasy in Mind and Magic in Words

Sep 07, 2017

Nerdy, awkward, and always standing out from the crowd—this was how Tahereh Mafi described herself back when she was a kid. Fast-forward to the year 2017, this geeky kid is now a famous and successful author, best known for writing young-adult fiction novels. Tahereh Mafi is the author of the...
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Taran Matharu: On Empowering Your Own Self

Aug 31, 2017

“A warrior's greatest enemy can also be his greatest teacher.” — Taran Matharu, The Novice Much like any other kid who looked different and liked odd things, Taran Matharu was bullied as a young child. With temperance, grit, and a whole lot of imagination, Matharu empowered himself and oth...
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