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Grammar Chaos: Unnecessary Ex-“as per”-ation

May 03, 2017

  Although language evolves, sometimes it devolves. This means we tend to go back into the past and bring back something that is ancient or has long been defunct.   Notice how many “formal” emails contain the phrase as per. I'm sure you’ve seen the following phra...
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Grammar Chaos: Credit Where It’s Due—Discussing the Vocative Case

Apr 26, 2017

Reader, I bet I can tell you about something in English that you haven't thought about until now. We’re all familiar about the subject and the predicate. We know what verbs, adjectives, and adverbs do, but I bet, dear reader, that you haven’t thought about this one thing about sentences unt...
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Grammar Chaos: The Most Annoying Grammar Mistake Ever

Apr 19, 2017

Any grammarian/editor/English professor would tell you that one of the most annoying grammar errors ever is the confusion of your and you’re or any similar mistake, really, such as it’s and its. The reason this confusion is so annoying is that although these homonyms sound alike, their mean...
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