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Grammar Chaos: "They" is Not What You Think

Feb 22, 2017

The American Dialect Society surprised half of the world’s grammarians with its proclamation of the 2015 word of the year. Beating out newfangled terms, such as on fleek (an adjective, meaning “impeccable”) and ammosexual (a noun, meaning “a person who fetishizes firearms”) is a humble ...
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Grammar Chaos: Much Abuse “Very” Writing

Feb 15, 2017

Very many writers have a very bad habit of overusing “very.” The word “very” is an adverb that, when added to an adjective, implies emphasis or multiplies its effect. This problem has been ongoing for years. So many authors have put in their two cents regarding the issue. Mark Twain sug...
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Grammar Chaos: The Pitfalls of Parallel Structures

Feb 08, 2017

Good writers have the following habits: reading often, having their work critiqued, and edits their work before sending. Something sounds off with the sentence, doesn’t it? Parallel structure, or parallelism, is often overlooked by writers. Parallelism connects two or more ideas, words, or c...
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