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Of Creativity and Technicality

Sep 14, 2016

I’ve always thought that the books I so love are just products born from the imagination and creativity of fantastic writers. Of course, that is true. But I can’t deny the fact that behind the finished product that finds its way to my hands—before my eyes, with the words lifted from the pa...
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Curses and Prophecies, Fathers and Sons

Sep 05, 2016

  The Cursed Child introduces into Hogwarts a whole new generation of characters, the very progenies of the ones we loved and with whom we grew up. And while the original series features the antagonism between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, The Cursed Child unapologetically subverts that and...
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Proofreading Services Provider 1-Hour Proofreading Gives Academe Members an Offer They Cannot Refuse

Sep 04, 2016

  New Jersey, September 4, 2016—The academe is as rigid and unyielding as ever in upholding its standards. Both the student body and those holding higher positions as educators and academicians are continuously pushed to strive for scholarly greatness, both in the classroom and in ment...
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