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What Brexit Means for the Publishing Industry

Jun 29, 2016

British voters on June 23 made the historic decision to leave the European Union in a once-in-a-lifetime vote. It’s a choice that has made its mark not just on Britain but also on the entire European continent and the rest of the world. While it’s too early to assess the full impact of Brex...
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When Winter Comes, Only The Wolves Howl in The Night: A Game of Thrones Season 6 Review

Jun 25, 2016

  The penultimate episode of epic fantasy saga Game of Thrones’s sixth season was quite, in a word, phenomenal. Titled “Battle of the Bastards,” it showed the much-awaited clash between Wolves and Flayed Men in the ultimate bid for Winterfell and the North itself, with armi...
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Battle of the Bastards - May the Best Bastard Win: A Game of Thrones Season 6 Review

Jun 18, 2016

  The eighth episode of Game of Thrones season 6, titled “No One,” accomplished three things: ended the Blackfish’s rebellion, kick-started the Battle of Meereen, and concluded Arya’s quest in the House of Black and White (or signal the end of the worst internship eve...
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