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Victoria Aveyard: The Real Queen of the Reds

Aug 24, 2017

Victoria Aveyard is the person behind the Red Queen series, and she has totally proven that she would make a great queen in the literary world. Aveyard’s Red Queen gained the number-one spot on the New York Times YA Best Seller list on March 1, 2015, making her the first author to have a debut...
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Grammar Chaos: Whodunit? Knowing Who from Whom

Aug 23, 2017

  Is it who, or is it whom? We often interchange these two without anyone noticing. How do we know which to use?   When who is used in a sentence, it replaces the subject of the sentence. Here are some examples: Who stole the cookie from the jar? Who baked those cookies? ...
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Chris Bohjalian: On Proving People Wrong

Aug 17, 2017

American novelist Chris Bohjalian almost didn’t become a writer. Now the author of nineteen novels, including bestsellers Midwives and The Sandcastle Girls, he proves that your dreams are possible, no matter how many people say that they aren’t. Bohjalian’s interest in literature started ...
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