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James Dashner: Rough Road to Success

Aug 03, 2017

Most popular authors undergo rejection from their publishers on their first try, and James Dashner is no exception to this. Dashner, the man who gave us the Maze Runner series, has definitely had his fair share of ups and downs before becoming the successful writer we know today. Born in 1972, ...
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Grammar Chaos: Is Irregardless Even a Word?

Aug 02, 2017

  Before we start, be honest. Is it a word? Have you used it before? What makes it different from regardless?   Well, you’ll be surprised to know that irregardless is, in fact, a real word.   Superstrict, rule-abiding grammarians are probably mad right now, and that&rsquo...
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Writing Hacks: How to Write Right

Aug 01, 2017

Whether you’ve been writing for a while now or you’re just starting, getting tips from other writers makes a difficult task manageable. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of “writing hacks” to help you realize your dream of becoming the next best-selling author. Some of them we’ve learned ov...
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