Ordering Process

Ready to work with us? Here’s your guide to the ordering process.


Step 1: How many words does your document contain?

Introduce your work to us by providing the word count of your document.
For Word files, the word count is displayed at the bottom of your screen. If you don’t see it, right-click the status bar and click Word Count. Make sure your document does not contain highlighted text to obtain a more accurate count. For PDF files, we suggest converting them to Word to determine their word count.


Let us know you better so we can meet your needs.

To proceed with your order, please type in your e-mail address so we could check if you already have a profile with us. All information shared with us are treated with strict confidentiality. We do not get any information other than your name, e-mail address, and location.

If you are a new user, we require that you register your name, valid e-mail address, and location so we can easily track your orders. After completing the registration, you will receive a welcome e-mail that contains a verification code. Don’t forget to copy and paste that code to the validation code requirement on your first checkout. This validation is required to ensure that you have provided us a valid e-mail address where we can send any queries we may have about your document and where we can send your edited document.


Step 2: Tell us more about your file.

Allow us to review your document and the type of service you need to obtain excellent results.

Specify the style guide you want us to follow, as well as your personal style preferences. Finally, let us know what service you expect, be it proofreading, copyediting, or both.

Our goal is to create the best version of every written work in a short amount of time. Whether you need basic proofreading or the more thorough copyediting, we can send back your 800-word document in one hour or sooner. To learn more about our turnaround time, click here.

The order form allows you to choose one service per order for one or multiple documents with a maximum file size of 5 MB each. If your file is greater than 5 MB, don’t worry—you can still send it to us by switching the upload option to input file link. This option allows you to paste the link of your shared cloud folder such as Dropbox or Google Drive. We can download your file/s from there as long as it is accessible to us. Should our team encounter a problem in accessing your folder, we will request that the file to be sent through e-mail instead.


Step 3: Confirm your order.

Proceed to checkout when you are satisfied with all the information you have provided us about your order.

We will start processing your file once you have completed the checkout process. If you have a promo code, use it so you can get a discount. We send regular promo codes to all who follow us, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list. All payments are handled by PayPal, so all financial details are kept between you and PayPal only. You may pay with major credit cards or just simply with your PayPal account. You may review PayPal security policy here. Once we have received your payment confirmation, you will be notified of your order details as well as the time you can expect your document to be returned.

Before we start editing, we will check your document for any word count discrepancy, and we will make sure to inform you about it. Once everything is in order, we will start editing your file.

**Do not forget to enter your validation code when you register for the first time to make sure that we deliver your document to the right e-mail address.


Step 4: Sit back and wait.

Do other chores or run errands, and at your expected delivery time, your document should be ready for submission or publication.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our team guarantees quality, so if you feel that we haven’t done enough, you may send your document back and we will review it free of charge.

We also make it our goal to deliver all documents on time. We try to help ease your deadline worries, so just sit back while we take care of your document. If we deliver your documents late, we will give you a discount on your next order.

All finished orders are delivered via e-mail. We use the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word in reviewing your document so you can see the changes we have made. We are a team of highly qualified and seasoned editors, so rest assured our decisions are well thought out and our edits consistent—better than editing software.


Want to try us out first?

Use the promo code FREESAMPLE for a minimum order of 3 pages or 900 words, whichever is higher, and we will make a 300-word sample edit. If you are interested in sending us volume work or a book with a minimum of 30 pages or 9,000 words, whichever is higher, use the promo code SAMPLEBOOK, and we will make a 3-page sample edit. Please do not forget to attach the entire document for your free sample. Contact us for more information.


1-Hour Proofreading is a start-up brand that aims to take the worry and pressure off individuals and businesses through professional and high-quality editing services over a short period of time. Our editors are all equipped to handle any kind of document with their years of editing experience and diverse backgrounds. It is our commitment to quality and timeliness that make us an ideal choice for writers who have less time on their hands but still need to present superior work.

At 1-Hour Proofreading, we edit while you wait.


[Now, let's get started!]



1-Hour Proofreading is Migrating to a New Platform

Hi! We at 1-Hour Proofreading are excited to announce that we have a new platform that will improve your user experience. With our new line of services, we hope that you will continuously entrust 1-Hour Proofreading with your manuscripts.

The new platform will fully take over effective January 6, 2020. We will redirect the old 1hourproofreading.com to the new domain onehourproofreading.com. The old website will then be archived. Your documents were already purged, so there is no way you can retrieve them even from the archive, but you may still access your order history.

In this regard, we invite you to register to the new website onehourproofreading.com/login, or we can automatically register you, but you still have to verify your account and create your own password within 24 hours before you can make new orders.


We have given 1HP a new look in some areas:

  1. Fresh Look!
    • Better-looking registration/log-in page: We just made it simpler.

    • Wallet view: You may now see the details of your Wallet.

    • Projects view: We changed the Orders to Projects; you'll understand why when we release the rest of the new features!

    • Projects list filter: You may now easily see the projects that you submitted and those that were completed.

    • Easy access to your Wallet to pay for your orders.

    • Simplified payment button: No need to wonder if your payment from your Wallet went through. We have simplified the payment button label to avoid confusion. You may still pay through credit card or PayPal if you don’t have Wallet credits.

    • 1HP Wallet credits: You may purchase Wallet credits together with an order. Sorry but Wallet credits are not for sale as a stand-alone product.Once you buy a Wallet, it will automatically be available for your consumption, and you may just replenish it whenever you need to.

    • One document per order so you can easily plan your deadlines.

    • Download the link to your edited documents: Once your edited project has been delivered, the access link will also appear on your dashboard and will be available for 30 days so you don’t have to browse through your e-mail when you need it. Just remember that we purge all files submitted to us and delivered by us 30 days after delivery. You are responsible for saving your documents on your own cloud or local directory.

  2. Useful FAQs!
    • Visit our FAQ page.

  3. New Services!

      We would like to introduce to you our new line of services at 1-Hour Proofreading. However, these services are specialized and are offered only for large-volume projects.

    • Turtl-Editing - Welcome to Turtl-Editing, or Turtl-E, our answer to the problem of challenging access to professional proofreading services due to costs most authors from all over the world experience. Turtl-E will be available effective December 24, 2020. Unlike 1-HP rushed services, Turtl-E services are designed for manuscripts with a word count of not less than 30,000. Turtl-E also has a slower turnaround time and orders cannot be rushed. This is because the service involves more delicate editing that focuses on manuscript construction, structure, and consistency in addition to copyediting and/or proofreading. Turtl-E has been created to cater to the needs of all aspiring and experienced authors, traditionally published or self-published. E-mail us if you have questions.

    • Quick-E - Welcome to Quick-Edit, or Quick-E, our answer to the need for short text editing that takes less than an hour! Quick-E is a mobile app that is available on Google Store. We are still working on its iOS version. The Quick-E platform may not look handsome yet, but we are also working on that. Right now, we are focused on making 1HP services available to all of you who have less than 150 words that you want to post as comments or short messages or even a line or sentence from your paragraph that you want to improve. Quick-E by ExpertHus is now available for download in Google Store.

    • Educational Editing, or Ed-E, is a special editing-learning service primarily focused on the hows and whys and not the “what was changed” in your document. It is designed to “educate” writers, improve their writing skills, and turn them into powerful writers. Although we will correct certain grammar issues, we will mostly make comments to explain why a change needed to be made and back it with references if necessary. This service primary aims to capture the ESL audience. We will offer it in 3 tiers, with details to be announced when we are ready to launch it. We target to make Ed-E available by March 2020.

    • Resume Editing, or Resum-E, is also a specialized service that involves editing your resumes and curriculum vitaes and more. With the Resum-E service, we aim to help job seekers improve their profiles and make their resumes more appealing to job hunters. We target to launch Resum-E by June 2020. More information will be provided close to its launching.

    • Book covers and chapter sketches: to make a full package of book editing.

  4. More useful features to be added in the succeeding months. We’ll keep you posted!

  5. Suggestion Page

      Do you want to request any features? Use the contact form to provide your suggestions! We do not promise to implement them all, but we will look into whether they are feasible and align with our values and vision.

We look forward to seeing you at our new home, onehourproofreading.com!

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