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Pilipinas Pineda: The Supermom Behind

Apr 20, 2017

Blogger Mommy Pehpot talked with us about the things she loves most: writing, blogging, and being a full-time mom of five. The name behind, Pilipinas Pineda, never pictured herself a blogger, let alone a writer. “I never really liked writing,” she shares. “I even failed my...
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Hearts All Over the World Tonight

Feb 14, 2017

Can you smell it? Love is in the air! It is that one day in the year when you can openly and unapologetically profess your love to someone. And we have St. Valentine to thank for that. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who constantly contradicted then-emperor Claudius II. Under Claudius II’s r...
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What’s Your Style? The CMS Format

Jan 24, 2017

  Academic papers always follow a style guide. More often than not, these style guides are APA, MLA, or CMS. The CMS or the Chicago Manual of Style was created by the University of Chicago Press. Although the CMS is sometimes used for research in the humanities, it is more often utilized as ...
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