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Proofread Legal Drafts with 1-Hour Proofreading for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Aug 07, 2016

For legal professionals, even the most harmless of typos have to be proofread and eliminated. The legal field has one of the strongest cases to be stringent on any typo as not only lawyers are affected but also their clients and their firms. And this is not just limited mainly to law firms sinc...
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Copyediting from 1-Hour Proofreading Ensures Credibility for Organizations and Businesses

Jul 24, 2016

Typos are associated with lack of credibility for most people, which is why proofreading is essential for any organization or business. Typos can range from hilarious to downright costly. But even the funny ones can also cost a hefty amount, especially for businesses and organizations. Simple mi...
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How Authors Can Choose Which Publishing Model to Take

Jul 06, 2016

When a manuscript is finished, it’s not yet the end destination. It’s only the start of a long journey in publishing. The biggest question for most authors is whether to get a publisher or to self-publish. Whether it’s traditional publishing or self-publishing, authors need to consider not ...
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