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Grammar Chaos: Clearing the Name—Bad Rap vs. Bad Rep

Oct 31, 2018

Having a bad rap is potentially life-ruining. It doesn’t matter whether you actually did something or not to earn that negative image: it’s not easy to do anything when you’ve got a red flag that implies “Hey, this one’s sort of dodgy, and they might make a mess of things.” In the sam...
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Spooky Syntax: Frankenwords

Oct 24, 2018

Everything has an origin story. Be it man or monster, everything comes from something. Surprisingly, this is not true for all the words in the English language. Below is a list of English words that seemed to have popped out of nowhere, much like Dr. Frankenstein’s homemade monster. Boy In ...
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Grammar Chaos: Beware the Words—Spotting the Difference between Weary and Wary

Oct 17, 2018

Careful as we are in using the English language, we can still slip and make mistakes—especially when we’re too exhausted to even care. A commonly misused pair of words is wary and weary, two words that sound alike and are spelled in almost the same way but have completely different meanings. ...
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