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Grammar Chaos: No Man Is an (A)Isle

Oct 10, 2018

English can be a pretty weird language most of the time. Plenty of words sound very alike when they aren’t even spelled the same way and mean two very different things. This time around, we’ll be chopping up the differences between the words aisle and isle. The only thing that’s similar a...
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Grammar Chaos: A Killer Error—Investigating Endemic and Epidemic

Oct 03, 2018

The word epidemic was a viral buzzword way back when our medical technology wasn’t so advanced. People shuddered in fear upon hearing this word because it meant they could be the next victim of a disease. This is still true in some places today, but now there’s another way that epidemic makes...
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Grammar Chaos: Taking in the Difference between Absorb and Adsorb

Jul 25, 2018

From delicious food eaten to juicy gossip overheard, people absorb a great deal of things from day to day. Through its frequent use, absorb has become a familiar word, but it can still be easily confused with its lexical cousin adsorb. These two verbs sound almost identical, and both involve taki...
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