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Grammar Chaos: Mastering Passed and Past

Sep 06, 2017

How do you know when to properly use passed or past in a sentence? Feel free to “pass the time,” and read our short guide to these tricky rhymes! First things first: you might have already noticed that passed and past sound very much alike. Indeed, there are some words with the same pronunci...
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Grammar Conundrum: Me, Myself, and I

Aug 30, 2017

In the English language, pronouns are used to replace nouns in sentences. This is to avoid redundancy. There are many kinds of pronouns meant for various uses. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by the sheer number of pronouns that we mix them all up. Take the pronouns I, me, and myself. They all re...
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Grammar Chaos: Whodunit? Knowing Who from Whom

Aug 23, 2017

  Is it who, or is it whom? We often interchange these two without anyone noticing. How do we know which to use?   When who is used in a sentence, it replaces the subject of the sentence. Here are some examples: Who stole the cookie from the jar? Who baked those cookies? ...
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