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Grammar Chaos: Is Irregardless Even a Word?

Aug 02, 2017

  Before we start, be honest. Is it a word? Have you used it before? What makes it different from regardless?   Well, you’ll be surprised to know that irregardless is, in fact, a real word.   Superstrict, rule-abiding grammarians are probably mad right now, and that&rsquo...
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Grammar Chaos: When to Use Between and Among

Jul 26, 2017

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who misuses between and among. It’s easy to confuse them because they mean very similar things. However, it’s also not impossible to get them right. Traditionally, when you use between, it means two separated things, usually on opposite ends. When yo...
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Grammar Chaos: What’s the Difference between Bring and Take?

Jul 19, 2017

  When do you bring something? When do you take something? We’re here to find out.   A lot of people, regardless of their mastery of the English language, slip up when it comes to using bring or take. In informal speech, bring and take are used interchangeably. Bring and take ha...
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