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Grammar Chaos: Going the Distance—How to Use Further and Farther

Jul 12, 2017

Go further or go farther? Which one is correct? Short answer: both of them. Read on to find out more. The real problem is that further and farther sound alike, are spelled almost alike, and are used almost alike. Both of them imply distance, but further is used metaphorically while farther is u...
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Grammar Chaos: Finding Direction—How to Use Come and Go

Jul 05, 2017

Come and go seem like easy-enough verbs to understand, but despite how well you think you know the English language, they can still be confusing. This is because come and go both express the same type of action: movement. The difference is in the direction. Here are some sentences that may shed...
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Grammar Chaos: Not Letting Things Lie—What’s the Difference between Lay and Lie?

Jun 28, 2017

  For over seven hundred years, many English language speakers have been confused by just at least one pair of words: lie and lay. Not only do these words sound alike, but they also mean similar things. If you still make mistakes when using these two, don’t worry. You’re definite...
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