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A Puzzling Lot: Distinguishing “A Lot” from “Allot”

Mar 20, 2021

Words can be confusing a lot of times. Or wait, is it “a lot” or “alot”? And wasn’t there another word, “allot”? Before it gets any more chaotic, let’s sort their definitions out. For starters, “alot” is just a common misspelling of the phrase “a lot.” With that out of t...
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Casting the Barrier between Magick and Magic

Mar 17, 2021

Witches and wizards everywhere are probably busy concocting their potions. Some might be focused on weaving spells and, for the particularly vindictive ones, maybe hexes. Regardless of preferences and whether it’s Halloween or not, magic is everywhere. Or is it magick? It might help to know the...
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Get a Hold of This: Distinguishing A Hold from Ahold

Mar 15, 2021

Some people have had their fair share of breakdowns. It’s okay, we’re all human. One way to go about it is to message loved ones and just rant about it. On some occasions, a friend or relative would give this timeless piece of advice: get ahold of yourself. If good fortune strikes, someone in...
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