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Blogging 101: Where Did Blogs Begin?

Jan 08, 2019

  For most of the millennial generation, blogs have always been around. But as with everything else, even blogging has its origin. Let’s take a step back into the ’90s and see where it all began. Online Diaries of the ’90s   The first blog is said to be created b...
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The History of Fiction: Defining and Discovering Fiction

Jan 01, 2019

We all create fiction in our heads: replaying and reimagining scenarios or thinking up alternate worlds. Putting them on paper is trickier because we have to be careful about defining the stories we write: Is this still fiction or not? You can never go wrong by going back to the dictionary defi...
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Writing Hacks: Fiction Framework—Booker’s Basic Storytelling Plots

Dec 05, 2017

Writers keep trying to be original, but let’s face it: in fiction, nothing is really original anymore. There’s proof! The Seven Basic Plots is a book by psychologist Christopher Booker about, well, the seven basic plots most often used by writers and most enjoyed by readers. Even though the...
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