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Writing Hacks: Discover Your Next Great Poem

Nov 07, 2017

Back when there was no Twitter with its 140-character limit, Facebook with its “What’s on your mind?” and Instagram with its pretty pictures and witty captions, we lived through all sorts of poems that talked about how we felt and how we saw things in our daily lives. Up until today, poetry...
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Writing Hacks: 10 Tips to Ace Your Essay

Oct 24, 2017

Students will agree that this is the bane of academic life—essays. Essays can be really boring, long, difficult, or a mix of all three. Here’s a list of tips to help you get over your essay-o-phobia and write like a pro! Know the Type of Essay You’re Writing Yes, such things exist. There...
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Writing Hacks: Technical Writing Tip—Do as Roger Do Would

Sep 26, 2017

Technical writing is a skill that’s pretty hard to master. It takes quite a while to learn, and it takes precision to execute. There are many books out there for those who are looking to study technical writing on a more intense and professional level (not to mention different types of style gu...
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