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Writing Hacks: Authors and Alter Egos (and How to Make your Own)

Jul 04, 2017

Writers generally want to make a name for themselves by using their own name, but there are those who choose to hide their true identities with the use of pen names. Pen names have been a way for authors to get away with a lot of things. Some use it to comment on people, events, and the governm...
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Writing Hacks: How to Pull Off Plot Twists

Jun 20, 2017

Bet You Didn’t See This Lesson Coming! We see two very opposite characters constantly clash with one another, and we get to the point where we wonder who will die first, but hold on... they were actually one and the same person! After seven books of wondering, Dumbledore’s memories finally r...
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Writing Hacks: Making Characters Talk

Jun 06, 2017

Don’t Ditch Dialogue. Dialogue is important in any story. It can do many things, from exposing characters to moving plots. It’s also a great way for your readers to remain hooked to the story. However, there are those who struggle with dialogue simply because they forget that it’s speech...
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