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Writing Hacks: How to Craft Thrilling Titles

Mar 07, 2017

If there’s one saying we rarely follow, it’s “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Literally. More often than not, we pull books off shelves because they have an intriguing cover and an interesting title. Titles are a small element underestimated by many writers. Often, a writer would ju...
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Writing Hacks: How to Reel Your Readers In

Feb 21, 2017

One of the challenges writers face is keeping their readers hooked. The audience is unpredictable. They may like reading your material one moment and be absolutely bored of it the next. The public can be a fickle thing, but the public is someone we need. There are different tricks to keep your ...
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Writing Hacks: Know What Type of Story You’re Writing

Feb 07, 2017

Many writers often commit the error of not knowing how long their story is going to run. They create elaborate plans for long, drawn-out stories that span multiple volumes, when in fact, the story is better told in a shorter version. Fiction manuscripts come in many other forms. Other than nove...
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