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Writing Hacks: Building Characters with Other Characters

May 16, 2017

Have you ever had that feeling when reading a book where you are introduced to a character and you feel like you’ve known the character for a long time? Their personality seems familiar. Their actions are quite predictable. You’ve even already predicted their fate. In fact, they don’t feel ...
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Writing Hacks: Creating Whole New Worlds

May 02, 2017

Good writers can tell a story, but great ones take you to where the action is happening. This is where world-building comes in. World-building is the process of creating, well, the world in which a story takes place. World-building is important especially in the fantasy and science fiction genr...
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Writing Hacks: Cut-ups

Apr 18, 2017

Artists continue to find ways to improve and innovate their art. Some methods stick and gain popularity, while others sadly fall into obscurity. Cutup is a fictional technique where an article, passage, or already-existing prose/poem is cut into pieces and then reassembled to create something ne...
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