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Deeper into the Publishing World: BookExpo America

Apr 11, 2016

  Editing services provider 1-Hour Proofreading looks forward to broadening its horizons and widening its reach even more with the thrilling prospect of attending the BookExpo America (BEA) next year.   BookExpo America is the premier book and author event for the publishing industry ...
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In, On, At: Are You Using Them in the Proper Place? Part 2

Apr 07, 2016

  Admit it. Out loud. Say it. No matter how old you are, whether you’re a working adult or an eighth grader, you know that you probably overlook this more than you let on. You mostly ignore if it’s wrong or right; they all mean the same thing anyway, right?   Come on. Conf...
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Is Jon Snow Really Dead?

Apr 04, 2016

  Night gathers, and now my watch begins.   He knew nothing. He was the bastard sent to the Wall, whose expressions range from uncomfortable to extremely uncomfortable. He was incredibly naive but at the same time well-meaning.   And no matter the truth about his true parentage,...
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