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Why Writers Should Trust Editors

Mar 28, 2016

Writers are, for the most part, proud creatures. Sure, they seem to sulk more than anything, and people might imagine them as having more of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s mild-mannered temperament than of Ernest Hemingway’s argumentative one. But it must be remembered that they do pour so much effort...
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The English Language: Confusing People and Muddling Meanings

Mar 24, 2016

  Human language is ever evolving. What one thing means today can be different tomorrow. Language is dynamic, and this holds true especially for the most widely used one in the planet: the English language.   New words are coined. Meanings are arbitrary. Rules change. Because of this,...
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A Venture of Sorts: Putting Your Hope and Investing Resources in Your Proofreaders

Mar 21, 2016

  People often ask whether writing is a job or more of a calling. But can’t it be both?   Writing is a profession, and writers have the rest of the world—and even worlds beyond—at the tips of their fingers. They can touch another soul, they can slay a murderous witch...
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