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15 Reasons a Writer Needs a Proofreader

Mar 17, 2016

“Yer a writer, Harry.” Harry is not so sure about that. After all, he just got back his essay from his teacher, and there are a lot of red marks on it. When people read a book, of course, the most important things to them are the story and its elements. They say, “Oh, that’s quite an a...
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Proofreading through the Years: From Rendered Favor to Outsourced Service

Mar 14, 2016

  Proofreading, as a practice, has been around as early as the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. There was no department to handle this distinct job in publishing houses; authors just used to send their manuscripts to their peers or hang them up in public squares for corrections and commenta...
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In Step: 1-Hour Proofreading Activates Blog To Connect With Clients In A Technological World

Mar 12, 2016

  Editing and proofreading services provider 1-Hour Proofreading values its clients and wishes to reach out to them more easily. Clients are, after all, the focal point of 1-Hour Proofreading’s purpose: taking care of their work and making it the best it can be.   As such, it is...
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