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Grammar Chaos: The Red Tape between Escape and Scape

Sep 27, 2017

When is it correct to use escape or scape in a sentence? The difference is more than meets the e! Picture a detective hot on the trail of a clever art thief. The detective, Mr. Eeyus, is in the midst of the crime scene in an art gallery. A shattered window by the entrance marks the criminal’s...
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Writing Hacks: Technical Writing Tip—Do as Roger Do Would

Sep 26, 2017

Technical writing is a skill that’s pretty hard to master. It takes quite a while to learn, and it takes precision to execute. There are many books out there for those who are looking to study technical writing on a more intense and professional level (not to mention different types of style gu...
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Danielle Steel: True Best Seller

Sep 21, 2017

Danielle Steel is an American novelist who has done what many writers aspire to become. She has been hailed the best selling author alive. Danielle Steel’s full name is Danielle Fernandes Dominique Shuelein-Steel. She was born in New York and raised Catholic. As a result, she’d originally w...
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