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Grammar Chaos: Depending on Your Discretion—Knowing “Discreet” from “Discrete”

May 24, 2017

Many English-language speakers has fallen prey to one of its many flaws—homophones. Homophones are pairs of words that sound completely alike yet are spelled differently and have different meanings. The words discrete and discreet are only one pair out of hundreds in the language. So what’s...
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Valuable Potter Prequel Stolen

May 22, 2017

Author J. K. Rowling turned to Twitter last April 16 after a handwritten prequel to the Harry Potter series was reportedly stolen by burglars. The burglary happened in Kings Heath, Birmingham, in between April 13 and 14. Other items that were stolen included one-of-a-kind jewelry and other valu...
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Harper Lee: One-Hit Wonder

May 18, 2017

It’s rare for an author to make huge waves only after writing just one novel, but it can happen. The proof is Harper Lee, who, with To Kill a Mockingbird, secured a place for herself and her novel on the world’s bookshelf. Born in Alabama, Nelle Harper Lee grew up in the small town of Monro...
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