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Grammar Chaos: The Most Annoying Grammar Mistake Ever

Apr 19, 2017

Any grammarian/editor/English professor would tell you that one of the most annoying grammar errors ever is the confusion of your and you’re or any similar mistake, really, such as it’s and its. The reason this confusion is so annoying is that although these homonyms sound alike, their mean...
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Writing Hacks: Cut-ups

Apr 18, 2017

Artists continue to find ways to improve and innovate their art. Some methods stick and gain popularity, while others sadly fall into obscurity. Cutup is a fictional technique where an article, passage, or already-existing prose/poem is cut into pieces and then reassembled to create something ne...
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Edgar Allan Poe: A Poet’s Legacy

Apr 13, 2017

Edgar Allan Poe is one of America’s most prolific poets. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Edgar lost his parents at a very early age. He was raised as a foster child by John and Frances Allan in Richmond, Virginia. He was able to attend prestigious boarding schools because of John Allan’s wealt...
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