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Grammar Chaos: The Pitfalls of Parallel Structures

Feb 08, 2017

Good writers have the following habits: reading often, having their work critiqued, and edits their work before sending. Something sounds off with the sentence, doesn’t it? Parallel structure, or parallelism, is often overlooked by writers. Parallelism connects two or more ideas, words, or c...
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Writing Hacks: Know What Type of Story You’re Writing

Feb 07, 2017

Many writers often commit the error of not knowing how long their story is going to run. They create elaborate plans for long, drawn-out stories that span multiple volumes, when in fact, the story is better told in a shorter version. Fiction manuscripts come in many other forms. Other than nove...
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A Series of Unfortunate Events: Far from Out of the Woods

Feb 04, 2017

‘Out of the woods’ is an expression referring to the fact that woods are dangerous places to be. In Hansel and Gretel, two siblings enter the woods and are menaced by an elderly cannibal. In Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf enters the woods and is menaced by a rude little girl. In Walden, a poe...
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