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Welcome to Turtl-E Book Editing by 1-Hour Proofreading!

We heard you! We know that writing a book is not an easy process. And oftentimes, the quality of a good story or document suffers because of poor proofreading, or no proofreading at all, as a result of the high cost of hiring such a service. We at 1-Hour Proofreading strive to support all book writers by offering our copyediting and proofreading services at cost!

Turtl-E Book Editing, or Turtl-E is our answer to the problem of challenging access to professional proofreading services owing to exorbitant costs that most authors from all over the world dread! Turt-E is a new tier of 1-Hour Proofreading designed to cater to the needs of published, self-published, indie, and aspiring book writers.

1-Hour Proofreading aims to take the worry and pressure off writers and businesses that need professional and high-quality editing services. Our editors, who have years of editing experience and diverse backgrounds, are equipped to handle any kind of document. It is our commitment to quality and timeliness that makes us the ideal choice for people who have less time on their hands but still need to present superb work.

At Turtl-E by 1-Hour Proofreading, we care for every author, and we strive to be a part of your journey to having your manuscript successfully published. Select from the following tiers the one that best fits your book project:

Strictly 30,000 to 50,000 words
15 days’ turnaround time

Strictly 50,000 to 80,000 words
20 days’ turnaround time

Strictly 80,000 to 120,000 words
25 days’ turnaround time

120,000 words and more
Minimum 30 days’ turnaround time

At 1-Hour Proofrediting, we guarantee that you can publish your books on time without poking a hole in your pocket through our Turtl-E service. Your success is our success, and this is how you can take advantage of this good offer:

  • Your book must have no less than 30,000 words or approximately 100 pages.
  • We will sample 900 words, or 3 pages, for every book with a valid word count.
  • Review and reedits are FREE up to a 2nd time within a 30-day period after delivery.
  • There are 3 tiers to choose from, depending on the volume of your book.
  • Rates start at USD 499.00.
  • Turnaround time is at least 15 days or longer.

All manuscripts undergo a thorough yet noninvasive copyediting and proofreading, mainly focusing on story construction, structure, and consistency. After editing, all manuscripts go through one-time quality assurance.

Privacy and Copyright

1-Hour Proofreading respects the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of their documents. Only our editors have access to all documents submitted to ensure that no material in our care will be reprinted, sold, or redistributed in any way. The copyright for all documents we worked on will remain with the client. Please review our Copyright Policy for more information.

Disclaimer on Quality Assurance:

We do not guarantee that our editors will not miss anything. However, manuscripts undergo one-time quality assurance, where our lead editor spot-checks the document and makes on-the-spot corrections. Further, we offer a more thorough quality assurance as an add-on service, where you can have one more reviewer dive into your document to ensure impeccable quality--the more fresh pairs of eyes, the better the quality, so to speak.


Any contact or personal information given to us will not be used for any purpose other than professional correspondence between us and the client. We will delete your documents from our folders within three months. Any payment information is kept secured as well.


Book Editing, Any Day, Anytime!

Unlike in 1-Hour Proofreading's rushed services, you may submit a Turtl-E project any day and at any time without a surcharge. However, Turtl-E Book Editing services are designed for manuscripts with a word count of not less than 30,000. Also, since Turtl-E has a longer turnaround time, orders cannot be rushed, because the service involves more delicate editing that focuses on manuscript construction, structure, and consistency in addition to copyediting and/or proofreading. Turtl-E has been created to cater to the needs of all aspiring and experienced authors, traditionally published or self-published.



Sometimes, no matter how much we pore over our own writing, we fail to spot our mistakes, probably because oftentimes we read what we believe we wrote instead of what we actually wrote. Our copy editors will review your manuscript with a fresh pair of eyes. A second pass over your manuscript is definitely recommended to make it ready for publishing. Our experienced team can edit manuscripts of all genres, from fiction, nonfiction, thriller, erotica, horror, fantasy, romance, to young adult, poetry, religious, and academic, among others.

Value-Added Add-On: Manuscript Critique

To distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we include manuscript critique to your Turtl-E package. A manuscript critique is a review where we evaluate how well your manuscript is written in terms of structure, style, and grammar. Our reviewer may give suggestions on how you can create more impact in certain parts of your manuscript. As professional editors, we only provide recommendations based on best practices and industry-recognized standards. You are not required to adopt or apply the recommended changes if you feel that your manuscript does not need them.
We make sure that the critique is constructive and productive and in no way demeans your work.


Submit your manuscript

Describe your book project to us by providing the word count of your document and indicating the service tier it falls on. Specify the style guide you want us to follow, be it Chicago, Oxford, APA, or Harvard, or any personal style preference.
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Editors at work

Allow us to review your document and the type of service you need to obtain excellent results. Our goal is to help you give your manuscript the best quality and form without being invasive of your writing style or voice.
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Expect on-time delivery

Sit back and relax while we work on your manuscript, and expect it to be returned to you after a minimum 15 days from the date of submission.
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Whether you're a traditionally published or self-published writer or just starting out as an author, we are here for you!


A Puzzling Lot: Distinguishing “A Lot” from “Allot”

Words can be confusing a lot of times. Or wait, is it “a lot” or “alot”? And wasn’t there another word, “allot”? Before it gets any more chaotic, let’s sort their definitions out.

A lot from Allot

For starters, “alot” is just a common misspelling of the phrase “a lot.” With that out of the way, we focus now on settling the differences between “a lot” and “allot.”

A lot

“A lot” is an informal phrase typically used as an adverb or a pronoun. It comes from the word “lot,” as in “an unpleasant lot,” with meanings ranging from an ugly patch of land to a bunch of people you may not want to deal with. “Lot” in the phrase sums up these definitions and refers to “a considerable quantity or extent.” Therefore, “a lot” is “a large number or amount” of a particular thing, be they persons, items, or even abstract concepts such as love and time. We need not look further—one can say that the word “lot” has a lot of meanings. It can also be used to describe frequency, as in we tend to write about grammar a lot.


“Allot,” on the other hand, is a transitive verb. It shares the root word “lot,” which is why it is similarly involved with portions and amounts. The key difference is that “allot” refers to the act of “assigning as a share or portion” and “distributing by or as if by lot.” For example, you, the reader, are allotting time to know the differences between “a lot” and “allot.”

Here are a few more side-by-side examples for review:

  1. A lot of people find comfort by eating McDonald’s french fries.

  2. The governor of District 7 is allotting a budget of six thousand per month for coal and fuel.

  1. Even before high school, Norra liked Landon a lot.

  2. In most schools, there is an allotted time for recess and lunch.

  1. There were a lot of rats running loose inside the cafeteria.

  2. Maria left her officers to allot the remaining plots of land to the farmers who wanted them.

Another easy way to distinguish them is that there are more words in “a lot” than in “allot”, which has only a single portion.

That’s a lot of lots. This has been sufficiently bamboozling, but we hope this article helped out a lot. Just to be sure, you might want to allot a little more time to practice using these words. But if you have some more questions about grammar, language, and writing, just send us a message, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can. Until then, feel free to look through the other entries on the blog.


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