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10 Best-Selling Books by Black Authors

Feb 28, 2021

Stories are important. They carry the history and the memories of the people who wrote them and reveal the struggles and triumphs of different people. The support of books only allows more of them to be written and more stories to be told. Here are 10 best sellers by black authors, who will hopef...
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10 Must-Read Books by African American Authors

Feb 22, 2021

Literature is an important part of any culture. Without it, so many stories and voices would be lost to history. And the best way to get more literature is to support writers, so here are 10 must-read books by African American authors. Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin Photo Credit:...
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Author Highlight: Toni Morrison

Feb 17, 2021

Author Toni Morrison is not just a multi-awarded novelist but also an accomplished professor, influential artist, and cultural icon. Photo Credit: Born Chloe Anthony Wofford, Morrison exhibited interest in literature early in life. She grew up in a working-c...
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