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Get a Hold of This: Distinguishing A Hold from Ahold

Mar 15, 2021

Some people have had their fair share of breakdowns. It’s okay, we’re all human. One way to go about it is to message loved ones and just rant about it. On some occasions, a friend or relative would give this timeless piece of advice: get ahold of yourself. If good fortune strikes, someone in...
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Angie Thomas: Rapper, Activist, and Novelist

Mar 09, 2021

Angie Thomas, a native and resident of Jackson, Mississippi, is a former teen rapper and current YA author, best known for her novel The Hate U Give. Photo Credit: Early in life, Thomas was exposed to activism as well as social issues in her hometown. She was only six when sh...
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10 Movies and Series to Stream for More Girl Power in Your Life

Mar 08, 2021

As we continue to celebrate the success of women in all fields, let’s not forget to celebrate women in the media and the brilliant minds behind some of the greatest shows and movies for, about, and by women. Here’s a list of 10 series and movies made by women and starring women to add to your...
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