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PS We Love You: Cecelia Ahern

Oct 11, 2018

Sometimes, all you really need to make you happy on love month is a good romance. Irish author Cecelia Ahern might have penned one or two that you’re bound to enjoy. Born in the Irish capital of Dublin, Cecelia Ahern is the daughter of Bertie Ahern, former prime minister of the Republic of Ir...
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Grammar Chaos: No Man Is an (A)Isle

Oct 10, 2018

English can be a pretty weird language most of the time. Plenty of words sound very alike when they aren’t even spelled the same way and mean two very different things. This time around, we’ll be chopping up the differences between the words aisle and isle. The only thing that’s similar a...
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Writers in Relation: The Brontë Sisters

Oct 04, 2018

Through riveting storytelling and the allure of mystery and drama, the Brontë sisters changed the course of classic Victorian literature and made themselves household literary names to this day. Though common themes run through the well-known Brontë novels, the authors themselves differ not o...
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