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Cornelia Funke: German Wordsmith

Mar 07, 2019

It takes great skill for an author to capture the innocence of childhood and have it portrayed by a child who has gone through so much. Cornelia Funke manages to do this in both German and English languages. Cornelia Maria Funke (foon-ka) was born in Dorsten, Germany. As a child, she wanted to ...
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Grammar Police Announcement: The Differences between Pronounce and Announce

Mar 06, 2019

Nothing can botch a big announcement like an unsuspecting, misused word. This is especially true in the case of announce and pronounce, two big words that denote declarative actions. They’re often used to precede statements of import, which require ethos to be effective, so it’s vital that th...
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Proofread Your Way to Blogging Success

Mar 05, 2019

Blogging seems like an easy-enough job—just pound away on your keyboard about a subject you’re deeply passionate about and then send it out to the world (wide web) and watch as the clicks pour in. But your blog can’t be a viral success if people only like what you write about. They also ha...
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